Bird Food, Supplement's and Spray's

Bird Food Supplements’ and Spray’s. I heard just yesterday birds are easy to take care of. LOL! Birds diets are complex they need more than just seed or pellet. Birds eat Vegetables, Nuts, Legumes, Protein. Fruit.I found a great article. Bird Food Pyramid I recommend every Bird Owner Read it.

I carry and feed my birds Tops Organic Non GMO Seeds Tops all in One Seeds and Tops Pellets I also feed and carry Bird Street Bistro Non GMO and Organic. I use and carry some of Christine’s food, Human Grade Convenient, Bird Food . When feeding my birds I try to add Good Tasting (or at least, what they think is good tasting) and Healthy options. All my bird love Organic Safflower Seeds  so I carry them. I like to supplement Organic Milk Thistle Seeds  and Organic Hemp feel free to contact me with any food questions or suggestions.

Bird Food Supplements’ and Spray’s. I added in Bird Sprays with aromatherapy. Some birds during grooming and vet visits would have seizures so my Vet Dr Driggers DVM showed me a book with recipes for Calming Spray made by another Vet Melissa Shelton DVM I started using these while grooming and decided to sell the product. Christine at the Chop Shop had a similar product based on the recipes from Melissa Shelton’s book and she is now making the products for me. Calming Spray Hormone Spray

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