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Help your feathered family find relief from mobility issues, stressful situations, and much more. CBD oil interacts with your parrot’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is thought to regulate bodily functions like anxiety, inflammation, and cardiovascular health.

Nekton Vitamins have been around for over 40 years. These are the only Vitamins I give to my birds they have a great reputation.

NEKTON-Biotin for Feather Destruction

NEKTON-RELAX to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Birds

NEKTON-BIOTIC-BIRD Probiotic Supplement for birds.

NEKTON-Pollen-Power with Oregano a beneficial effect on immune system, blood count, promotes vitality and well-being

NEKTON-S Multi-vitamin supplement enriched with amino acids and trace elements.

NEKTON-MSA Calcium supplement vitamin D3 to treat calcium deficiencies.

I added in Bird Sprays with Aromatherapy. Some birds during grooming, vet visits, even just a ride in the car would scare the birds. Some throw up or get car sick some have seizures.  My Avian Vet Dr Driggers DVM showed me a book with recipes for Calming Spray made by another Vet Melissa Shelton DVM I started using these while grooming and decided to sell the product.

Calming Spray High-Quality Therapeutic Grade DoTerra Essential Oils Lemon, Orange, and Lavender. Use this for Over-Preeners or Pluckers to calm the urge of feather destruction.

Hormone Spray High-Quality Therapeutic Grade DoTerra Essential Oils. Use this to help Balance Hormonal Behavior: Frequent Regurgitation, Suddenly Aggressive Birds, Obsessive Egg Layers, Screamers, Over-Preeners or Pluckers and to calm the urge of Feather Destruction.

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