flat perch

Sometimes you just need to get off your feet.

About Us


Flat Perches

My name is Jodi Diamond and I have been a mobile bird groomer for over 30 years. I travel all over the city to customers houses or businesses to groom their birds.

I have encountered a PROBLEM almost everywhere I go. The perches in the bird cages are all the wrong size or just the gripping version. 

When birds are gripping onto a perch they are exercising their feet. When their feet are flat they are in a relaxed position. Birds use their feet constantly and for everything,  I wanted to make it easier on them. 

So I created Flat Perch. I make different size flat perches and ramps that can be customized to your birds needs. The birds can chew on them, lay on them, stand on them or just sit on them. 

Because no bird wants to exercise 24/7.


The Perches

The perches are coated in olive oil and made out of a non-toxic wood. All the fittings are also stainless steel. It is okay if the bird chews in them because they are inexpensive and can be replaced easily.