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Couldn't ask for a more perfect perch!


I have an extremely senior Grey who has mobility issues due to arthritis in her hips and ankles. In the past, I have had a corner perch for her that was made of powder-coat metal where she spent most of her time, but a near-disaster happened a week or so ago with that perch. Even though the perch was covered with a safe fabric, she managed to get her foot caught in the bars of it. Thankfully, she was calm and patient while I got her out.

I ordered a FlatPerch and a set of five sheets and I couldn’t be more happy with them. There is a level of quality and attebtio

to detail that go into all. Scarlett is now safe and comfortable (and making quite a fashion statement with her pretty sheets).

As for the customer service? 10 stars from me. I spoke with Jodi on the phone, she was pleasant and compassionate, and because I had an urgent need for the perch and sheets, she made sure that I got them quickly.

I will be coming back to buy more perches so that even my less senior Greys have another option for perching and, of course, I will be ordering more sheets.

Jan Granai

Response from Flat Perch

Thank you, I am so happy she is enjoying them and they are helping her live a more comfortable life. Jodi

Great products


I was at a loss trying to find organic safflower for my conure. My vet office wasn’t able to get it and it was out of stock at the source. Fortunately for my guy, Jodi carried it and even better for me, I could buy it in a smaller quantity. I also bought some milk thistle and a cute little pillow. My conure is really enjoying everything.

Jodi was super helpful with answering my questions. I would definitely recommend purchasing from them.

Julie Fox



I just got a flat perch for my senior cockatiel, and he loves it! It was a hit immediately. He often closes his eyes on the bottom of his cage, and now with this I can see him fully sleeping on the perch. Love it!


My Purchase


Wow , to see the perches online doesn’t do them justice, to have them in hand , the craftsmanship, quality, the end product is incredible ! I recently took in an aged amazon that is mostly blind, so the flat perches will ease his travel & make his journey across his cage much safer. I can’t wait to see the new guy explore more . Thank you Daniel & Jodi , outstanding service & care , I will Highly recommend your products to all my bird friends ❤️

Carrie Mix

Corner flat perch/podium


It took Mango, my black headed Caique, about a week to accept his new perch. But now that he has, he uses it as a podium from which he issues his rules for the day. A flat perch/ramp are in his future.

Carol & Rein

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