Pillow Top Sheets

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Handmade Pillow Top Sheets, (Flat Perch not included). These sheets have a soft Pillow inside made from Natural Organic Kapok (A silky fibre obtained from seed pods of the silk-cotton tree, Ceiba pentandra used for stuffing pillows). Some pillows are stuffed with Poly foam which can produces a gas. These are soft so if your bird has arthritis or a foot problem, Bumble foot, splayed legs ect.. These will provide a soft spot for them to rest on.

Pillow Top Sheets for birds with feet problems or disabled birds a soft place for their feet. Made with Organic Kapok soft like cotton and non toxic. Kapok does not produce fumes like Polyfoam does. Prewashed and 100% Cotton Sheet made with extra room for a soft Organic Kapok Pillow included. More sizes coming soon.  Bird Habitually use their feet, standing, eating, climbing. Many birds are on their feet 24/7 birds in the wild will fly, most caged birds never get weight off their feet. Some are born with feet and leg problems other develop problems as they get older. Pillow Top Sheets make for a soft place for feet to stand or if they like they can lay down on them too.African Grey on Pillow Top Sheets

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12 x 12 27.72, 2 . 3 x 7 17.01, 2.5 x 19 20.49, 2.5 x 3 15.93, 4 x 11 18.69, 4 x 23 28.14, 4 x 6 17.22, 6 x 6 18.45, 6 x 8 19.44, 8 x 10 22.14, 8 x 16 26.37, 8 x 30 36.36, large corner 30.12, medium corner 27.87, Small corner 22 .52


Not Seasonal, Winter, Spring, Off White, Yellow, Dark Green

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