1/2 Slice Large Bird Perch

1/2 Slice Large Bird Perch, 1/2 Slice are Large Perches.  THE LARGEST HALF SLICE is approximately 23 in on the flat side, the Medium is approximately 18″ on the flat side. Configured in a half circle, The 1/2 Slice Large Bird Perch CONNECTS TO THE SIDE OF THE CAGE LENGTH WISE.

These are made with a Nontoxic Pine, and All Stainless Steel fittings with LARGE 2” WASHERS. For Large birds Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws and Doves. Disabled birds and older birds they may find it hard to grip on round perches. Gripping a round perch does exercise the birds feet, which can be good, but no one wants to exercise 24/7. Flat Perches puts the feet in a relaxed position, Flat Perches Relax Birds Feet.

All Wood Perches can be coated with the same Nontoxic Coating with Mineral Oil and Vitamin E also used in Butcher Blocks and Salad bowls to make cleaning up easier. Our perches provide safety, functionality and joyful time for your birds.

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