Flat Perch

Flat Perches a place for birds to stretch their toes a restful place for them to stand, sit or lay down on. It is especially important as they get older. When birds grip round perches, they exercise their feet. They provide a relaxed position for the bird’s feet and a place for birds to stretch their toes.
THE ORIGINAL FLAT PERCH, AMERICAN HAND MADE  by a Bird Lover. Poplar Non Toxic Hardwood, for the Flat Perches, Pine and Birch Non Toxic wood for the Corners and 1/2 Slice. All Stainless Steel Fittings, Large 2″ Washers on all Large Perches, Smaller Perches have 1 1/2″ Washers. GREAT FOR OLDER AND DISABLED BIRDS.
Gripping a round perch exercises the birds feet, which can be good, but no one wants to exercise 24/7. Flat Perches puts the feet in a relaxed position and Relaxes the Birds Feet and also allow the bird a restful place for them to stand and spread their toes. Flat perch a place for birds to stretch their toes.
Older and disabled birds highly benefit from Flat Perches, by not having to grip or balance on a round perch. They can let go and just just by sitting take some pressure off the feet and ease some feet problems like arthritis.

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