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Jodi Diamond Filing a Chickens nails
Jodi Diamond grooming a chicken

Bird Grooming Supplies as a bird groomer with over 40 years experience. I have found some hard to find products I love. For instance my small bird claw clippers are great for small birds. Most clippers I have found have the same size head for the small and large birds which make it hard to clip a small bird’s nails. The larger clipper has a larger head and longer handle for medium size birds and for the Macaws I just use Large dog nail clippers. I also will use the dremel on most nails, if the birds do not like the sound of the dremel. My Blood stop is non-toxic. Most have very toxic ingredients. You can’t put it in your bird’s mouth and if the bird puts his toes in his mouth he is ingesting poison. Lastly my files are metal, the metal won’t break and lasts longer, it works very well with the larger birds especially while flipping the beaks to work on the top of the bottom beaks. I will be adding products as I think of them. The Dremels I use I just buy at Home Depot or Lowes.

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