Flat Perch Shelf

Flat Perch Shelves, The Original Flat Perch Shelves are made out of Non-toxic Poplar Hardwood and have all Stainless Steel fittings. Shelves are a way to have a flat spot for the birds to relax their feet and doesn’t take up much room in the cage. It attaches to the side of the cage verses a Perch that jets out in the middle of the cage.

If you have a smaller cage a shelf is the way to go it doesn’t take up as much room as a regular perch. If gives you lots of surface area for your bird to stand walk and lay down if wanted. Corner Perches do that too.

Combined with other Perches to make to create a fun environment for your feathery friends. You can combine the Flat Perches, Ramps, Stairs and Shelves to give your birds more surface area in the cage for exercise. It is best to vary the type of perches, use flat and round perches, they will put your birds’ feet in different configurations, which it the best for healthy feet. Flat Perches also add variety and enrichment.


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