Corner Perch

Corner Perches maximize cage space and give the Birds a place to spread their toes. They are my best sellers and are in all my birds cages at home.

I have 3 sizes of Corner Perches for all types of birds, they don’t take up that much space in the cage, If you have a smaller cage a shelf is the way to go it doesn’t take up as much room as a regular perch. If gives you lots of surface area for your bird to stand walk and lay down if wanted. Shelves do that too. You can use flat corners and combinations of other perches to make a enriched environment for your birds.

Disabled birds and older birds they may find it hard to grip on round perches. Gripping a round perch does exercise the birds feet, which can be good, but no one wants to exercise 24/7. Flat Perches puts the feet in a relaxed position, Flat Perches Relax Birds Feet.

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