Disabled Cockatiel on Flat Perch

Flat Perches are the best for Disabled Birds.

Baby is a Cockatiel with a bad foot, she has had a limp all her life. Her owner did the best she could but had never heard of Flat Bird Perches. The cage had a couple rope perches which she got around on and she would often be found sitting in her food bowl. When I went to her house to groom her birds I told the owner about Flat Perches. She now can relax on a Flat bird Perch to roost and relax she is often seen laying or sitting down on her Flat Perch.

Most birds like to be up high so even if it hurts the birds feet they will grip on a perch verses lay at the bottom of the cage. Birds hide their symptoms very well. In the wild if a bird shows signs of weakness he will be persuaded by predictors, so they often hide symptoms until its too late.  If you see a bird at the bottom of the cage normally it can be sick.  I have seen birds mostly cockatiels holding on to the bars at the side of the cage to balance up high on a round perch. It is very sad to see a bird drag himself up a ladder to hold on because he can’t balance.

Luckily we are now realizing the need for Flat Bird Perches even Avian Veterinarians are recommending them for all birds not just disabled birds. Birds spend most of their time on there feet. If they are gripping they are exercising their feet, which can be good for most birds, you should vary the perch size to put the birds feet in different configurations to give them exercise, that is healthy. You should also incorporate Flat Bird Perches to let the birds feet get a break. If you have a disabled bird that has gripping issues Flat Perches are the best at letting your bird relax his feet. Birds can now stretch there feet and toes, they also can sit and lay down on the Flat Perches.

2 thoughts on “Flat Perches are the best for Disabled Birds.”

  1. Hi, i’m looking for a perch for my bantom who has a splayed leg. Unfortunately we wasn’t able to right it as a chick, she is now 4 yrs old and seems to be doing fine, but it would be nice for her to perch. I have seen flat perches, would that do, or do you know of anything more specific for her needs?



    1. Hi Kaz,

      Yes a flat perch should help her, we have some pine we are going to start offering as a choice instead of only the popular hardwood. Its not as expensive as the hardwood perches. I’m guessing she is not a chewer. I need to get you a price let me know the size you want. I would go with a 8′ x 10 or larger the 8 x 16 or 8 x 30 shelves would be good for her. Let me know and I can get you a price. You can always use the poplar wood perches we have on the website, the pine just might save you some money. Let me know.

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