Hello from the Production guy Daniel Guier

Hello from the One and Only Production Guy.

Hello from the One and Only Production Guy.

I have been with Flat Perch for just over a year and what a year.  Jodi and I have brought Flat Perch a long way and we have done this for one reason;

I took over the making of all perches and stands to free up Jodi, but we are a team and work and design perches to meet the needs of birds.

There are lots of choices out there,  we offer a unique  variety of perches for all needs,  we put safety and function ahead of all things,  we use a very beautiful hardwood on most of our perches and made sure it is non toxic to our  and your birds ( yes , we use what we make, on our own birds ).   We hand build each perch, no two and exactly alike; this variety if fun and offers you and your bird a very nice perch, for you to look at and for your bird to feed on, lay on, stand on, talk on, scream on and chew on.

We are here to stay and would love to be able to help in any way we can.  If you and you bird(s) are happy , we will be happy.

Best regards to all


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