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A relaxing spot for your birds
to roost and rest.

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Make Your Birds Comfortable

Flat Perch a relaxing spot for your birds to roost and rest.

Flat Perches are good for all birds, but especially Older and Disabled Birds. Flat Perches allow your bird a restful place for them to stand and spread their toes, some birds may also sit or lay down. It is especially important as they get older. Birds use their feet habitually to climb, hold food and to stand on most of their life. As birds get older, they may develop diseases that cause problems with their musculoskeletal system by keeping their feet in the same position. It is best to vary the perch widths in the cage. Some cases birds can fall off their Perches or have a hard time balancing on a typical round perch. Flat Perches provide a place to put the birds feet in a relaxed position.  A larger base is nice too if your bird falls down with regular perches. It is always a good idea to lower the perches if your bird has falling issues.

American Handmade Flat Perches Non Toxic Wood, All Stainless-Steel Fittings

 We sand all our Perches, we use Non Toxic Wood, Nontoxic All Stainless-Steel fittings and the correct size washers, with 2 washers on each screw. We offer a variety of perches to make sure your bird can find a relaxing spot to roost and rest. Our Flat Perches are especially good for Older and Disabled Birds. These were designed by a bird lover who saw a need for Flat Perches. Our Perches provide safety, functionality and joyful time for your birds.

  • Pillow Top Sheet 8 x 16
    Pillow Top Sheet for 8x 16 Flat Perch Shelf

Personalized Service

Whether you are looking for a Specific Perch for your Older or Disabled Bird or if you are just looking for a Perch of Different Build and Structure for any variety of bird, we do offer Custom-Build Perches. Here at Flat Perch we strive to meet the needs of birds so you can create a zone where birds can enjoy it the most. If you didn’t find the best product you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call, and we can Custom Design one that is most suitable for your chirpy pet. Our quality perches are handmade right here in Dewey, Arizona. Contact Us

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