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Why I started making Flat Bird Perches for Disabled Birds.

 I am a Mobile bird groomer in my business I get to see lots of birds. I see birds that are locked in there cages all there lives, some have feet problems. disability and missing toes or feet. I saw a cockatiel missing a foot he only had a stump. He had to hold on to the side of the cage with his beak to balance on a round perch. I started buying flat perches but back then they were hard to find.

 I started making Flat Bird Perches. I volunteer at, “Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue in Scottsdale”. I gave him a flat perch put a little millet on it he went right to it. and could finally let go of the side of the cage.

 Cockatiels can live over 30 years, and some Parrots have a life span like a human. As they get older they cam have foot or feet problems also if they are gripping 24/7 they are exercising there feet constantly. My Flat Bird Perches gives them a chance to put there feet in a relaxed position. Birds can now sit and lay down in there cages. I have 5 birds total, 2 Amazons one is 52 the other is 40, 2 African greys that are 18, and 2 cockatiels one with a foot problem. All my birds are rescues. I am a bird lover so rest assured the perches are all Non-toxic and all the fittings are 100% Stainless Steel. Feel free to call/email/text with any questions. Hope you have a great day.

Birds need to put there feet in different configurations for healthy feet.

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