About Us

The Founder

I am a mobile bird groomer for over 30 years. I travel all over the state to customers’ houses to groom their birds. It give me great incite on how they are taking care of there birds, I can check out the cages, look at what the birds are eating, and if there any challenges that the birds might be facing.

The Right Grip for Your Pet Bird

Often, I see perches in the bird cages that are the wrong size or just the gripping version. When birds are gripping onto a perch, they are also exercising their feet, which is why you want to vary the perch size to exercise the feet. But no one wants to exercise 24/7 when their feet are flat they are in a relaxed position. Birds are on their feet most of their life and use their feet habitually, therefore, we wanted to make it easier on them.

The Idea Behind a Flat Perch

Pet stores sell mostly round perches. It would be best to get the correct sized perches and vary the perch sizes and different types. That way your bird can put his feet in different configurations much healthier on the feet. Some birds have problems with their feet or legs. They find it challenging to balance on round perches.

This encouraged us to create flat perches. We make flat perches and ramps that can be customized to your bird’s needs. The birds can chew, lay, stand, or sit on them. With the flat perches we make, birds can now find a comfortable resting place and take a break!

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