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Katie Bird loves hers!

Our birds love your flat shelves!

Just a Shout Out to Jodi Diamond! She did our kids nails and beaks today and always go above and beyond! I also bought one her perches for our senegal cage. Highly recommend her and her perches! 😀

July 16 ·

My African grey loves her flat perch. She use to always try to get to the kitchen counters. Now that she can rest her bird toes on the flat perch she stays off the counters.

Thank you so much, Jodi, for the flat perches. The boss approves this one. He's actually doing a dance on it!😄 Anyone interested in flat perches get ahold of Jodi Diamond. She makes different kinds and sizes for a reasonable price. Give your birds feet a break!

Dr Phil

Below is the order I have placed with FlatPerch.com to make Dr Phil's cage safe and comfortable for him. ]

As I told Claudia, I met the gal who hand makes these platforms and perches at Day at the Oasis - she donated a large corner platform to the silent auction and I was so impressed by the caliber of her work that someone sent her over to me so we could talk. Her name is Jodi Diamond - and I think anyone who works with special needs birds/balance issue birds would want to know about her. To that end, I will be sharing her website and contact info with Mickaboo Bird Rescue.

I should be getting these items some time next week, well in time for Dr Phil's arrival - his cage will be spit polished and steam cleaned clean before then, so when these items come I will have plenty of time to put together a good set up - which can of course be changed and tweaked if so indicated.

I do not think I will need all of these wonderful platforms and ramps for Dr Phil, but since Jodi has them on sale right now I got some extras - we all know that more needy birds will roll in at some point.

I wish I had had the ramps when I had Mimi , and in fact I think that Chacco could have benefitted from them as well.

I will send photos when I get the cage set up for our incoming handsome, if a bit gnarly footed, Blue Front Amazon Dr Phil.

Louisa J.

Ann V

I have a flat perch next to the food bowl of my 20+ year old Patgonian Conure. For the first few day he didn’t go near it. Now he seems to quite
Like it. He stands on it when he’s eating. Now I’m 🤔 thinking of getting one for my 30 year old Patagonian. 

Nov 17th 2019

Daisy enjoys  her new flat perch. —

So it has been over six months and I have an Ekky female that will use the flat perch daily almost all day and having food and water at the other side she still gets a workout. Amazon spends quite a bit of time on the Flat Perch in his cage. These are so great for handicapped birds so they really can rest and have a different experience. Thanks for all you do and your research.

TOM April 13 2019

Ekky and handicapped Gray I can hardly pry from their flat perches. Great job Jodi.